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Greetings Friend,

We are about halfway through the 2022-2024 Biennium, and I can truly say that we all have contributed greatly to building a better world for women and girls.

Our Biennial Goals, which were approved by you at the 2022 Convention in Hamburg, Germany, urged all Zontians to create a world where women's rights are human rights. As you read ahead about our achievements, please know that our success would not have been possible without your unwavering support.

Let us continue to work together and strive for even greater progress in the coming year. Thank you for your dedication to our shared vision of a world where women and girls can thrive. I cannot wait to celebrate all of this biennium's achievements with you in Brisbane in 2024!

Warm regards,
Ute Scholz
President 2022-2024
Zonta International and the Zonta Foundation for Women

Celebrate Zonta's achievements in Brisbane!

Will you be joining us in Australia for the 2024 Zonta International Convention from 27-30 June 2024? To start your convention planning today, check out the new convention website.

Spotlight on how Zonta members are fulfilling the Biennial Goals


Stand out for gender equity

Represent Global Citizenship

Develop Future Leaders

Celebrate Ourselves

Zontians In Action

Zonta clubs are forging strong friendships with one another across the globe! Read the stories below that highlight how clubs are embracing the Zonta Spirit though their relationships with one another.

Zonta Club of New Territories II travels to Macau for a day of service

This biennium, the Zonta of the New Territories II, Hong Kong, focused on the theme, "Repair, Rebuild and Regain," to help those deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As soon as the Hong Kong borders opened, the club sent 20 delegates to Macau for a full day of service with District Governor Lia Bautista and Area 2 Director Maria So.

The club visited a local nursery supporting underprivileged children and handed out beautifully custom-designed cups and gifts from Hong Kong. They then visited a senior home and held an enjoyable "dim sum" clay-making session, which allowed the seniors to train their fine motor movements and triggered memories of their favorite food.

Corvallis High School Z Club promotes Zonta goals and causes to classmates

The Corvallis High School Z Club, USA, created banners in English and Spanish to promote Zonta's goals and causes in their school. The banners hung in the school's main halls, greeting potential new student members as they returned from spring break. 

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Meet Georgie, a Remarkable Woman

Meet Georgina "Georgie" Somerset, AM, an industry leader and strategist with boundless energy. Based on a family-run multigenerational cattle station in Queensland, Australia, she is no stranger to thinking outside of the box, pushing through barriers, and ensuring her voice is heard in male-dominated industries.

Hear Georgie's story below to learn why she is a remarkable women!


Congratulations to the Zonta Club of New York, USA, District 3, on celebrating its 100th anniversary. Back in March, President Ute and Zonta members across the globe joined the club's centennial celebration. We applaud your efforts in advocating for the women and girls in your community and beyond!

To see which other clubs are celebrating a milestone anniversary in May, please visit Zonta News.

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