The International Zonta Says NOW Think Tank will be developing resources soon to show how to implement the Zonta International Statement on Climate Change.

Over the last couple of years, Zontians around the world have developed a growing list of resources. Please check them out.

Title  Description 
Zonta International Statement on Climate Change  The guiding document for Zonta Says NOW to Gender-Equal Climate Action
Australia: District 23 Zonta Says NOW website  Comprehensive website featuring actions aligned with the Zonta Says NOW framework and links to books, videos, and podcasts. It also features a range of Zonta Says NOW leaflets, bi-monthly newsletters, videos of Think Tank meetings, and videos of guest speakers. The site also features the District 25 Climate Competition entries.
USA: USA Caucus Zonta Says NOW to climate action webpage
Featuring links to resources and Zonta Says NOW USA Think Tank webinars.
USA: District 12 Zonta Says NOW webpages Pages detail state-by-state climate action information for the six states in District 12, and contain a comprehensive list of links to accurate, relevant and valid information on a wide range of climate-related issues (USA and some international).
Zonta Says NOW Factsheet Details on the problems, the solutions and what can be done.


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