Zonta Club of Saint Sofia launches social innovation platform to support women during the COVID-19 pandemic

Plan Z is a specialized online platform to support girls. Some of them are victims of trafficking, domestic violence, violence at work, psychological or sexual violence, discrimination, unequal situation, marginalization, social exclusion, poverty, etc.

Consumers will have easy access 24/7, 365 days to expert advice, personal consultations with specialists, trainings, useful information, and support community. Support methods aimed at girls and women at risk and their families need to keep pace with the modern way of life directly linked to online interaction. The specialized platform is a step toward providing adequate assistance to vulnerable groups, providing resources to: psycho-social support, legal assistance, social consulting, career guidance and professional realization,

Economic empowerment, questions about health status, training opportunities, business partners for employment, are also being included. The platform will help improve the quality of life, help women in situations of threatening physical and mental health, and will provide professional support and guarantees for real equality of women.