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Women’s rights are human rights, essential for the development of all peoples. Unfortunately, conditions and situations exist today that hinder far too many women from developing their full potential. Violence against women devastates lives, fractures communities and stalls development. Even for well-educated women, gender-based barriers still exist—underrepresentation in executive ranks, legislative bodies and technical fields, unequal pay and legal rights. Zonta International’s project and programs will continue until gender equality is a reality for women and girls worldwide.

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The Zonta Foundation for Women is seeking partners and donors who believe in the importance of ensuring that Zonta International will have a solid base of resources far into the future. A solid base will provide Zonta the certainty of being able to fund the life-changing projects and programs despite any changes in the economic climate. Our endowment donors believe in the sustainability of the organization and the need to ensure its future.  

A healthy endowment will allow us to:

  • Provide the highest quality programs that will fulfill Zonta’s mission.
  • Support the continued advancement toward the empowerment of women and girls worldwide.
  • Assure that the critically needed resources to protect and promote women’s and girls’ rights and gender equality will be available to meet future needs.

When you donate to the Foundation’s endowment funds you are supporting Zonta’s continuous efforts to achieve a world based on equality and free of violence for all women.

Today the Foundation has two separate endowment funds: a general Endowment Fund and the Amelia Earhart Endowment Fund.

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Recent News

21 MARCH 2023

Zonta-supported project provides health care to more than 20,000 girls in Peru

In 2022, 37,426 adolescents (20,629 girls) received health care in Ucayali and Huancavelica. Read our recent update on Adolescent Girls' Health and Protection in Peru to learn more about the project and its achievements.


Your Present for the Future

The Zonta Foundation for Women invites you to join Zontians around the world in celebrating your special days with a present for the future!

Commemorate a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion with a gift to the Zonta Foundation for Women’s Endowment Fund or Amelia Earhart Fellowship Endowment Fund.

Each gift supporting the Endowment Funds will ensure that Zonta will continue to have the necessary resources to meet uncertainties and carry forward programs and projects that will empower women and girls for generations to come.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

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Endowment Fund: Your gift helps provide a long-term source of income for the Foundation.  Interest and earnings from the investments in this fund provide the Foundation with an annual stream of income to use for future project or program support. The principal of the gift is never spent, allowing the Fund to grow over time.

Amelia Earhart Fellowship Endowment Fund: Your gift helps provide a long-term source of income for the Amelia Earhart Fellowship program. The interest and earnings from the investments in this fund provide an annual stream of income to support additional fellowships. The principal of the gift is never spent, allowing the Fund to grow over time.

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Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign 

From 2014-2020, in conjunction with Zonta International’s centennial anniversary, the Foundation launched the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign, an ambitious campaign to grow the Endowment Fund from US$1 million to US$10 million. The Foundation appreciates the generous clubs, districts, members and friends who have been part of the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign. We particularly want to thank the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Committee and regional representatives whose time, effort and passion made this campaign possible. Though the campaign has ended, we continue to have positive ongoing conversations and look forward to expanding the circle of those who believe in securing Zonta's future.

Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign Final Reflections | PPT
We are grateful for the tremendous support from the following donors who contributed to growing Zonta's Endowment | Individuals | Organizational

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