Zonta clubs of Thorunn Hyrna and Akureyri host a Women and Environment forum

On International Women's Day, the Zonta Clubs of Thorunn Hyrna and Akureyri, Iceland, partnered with the local Soroptimists to organize a discussion about women and the environment at the University of Akureyri.

During the event, the clubs provided impressive lectures and intense discussions on the relationship between gender and environmental issues, the effects of environmental changes on women and men and more. They also touched on the differences between the solutions that men and women use to face the challenges of environmental changes and what research can tell us about the environmental issues and challenges in Nordic countries.

Many attended the event, and all proceeds from the entrance fee were donated to a center for victims of violence.

For many years, the clubs and the Soroptimists have teamed up to organize public events on International Women's Day. This annual event has long since earned a permanent place in Akureyri. The group has always used the occasion to address issues of great importance to women in Iceland, their rights, and their societal position.