Zontian Malin Engstedt (left), president of the Zonta Club of Stockholm VI, standing with Paulina Brandberg (right).

Zonta clubs of Stockholm and Lidingo meets with Minister for Gender Equality

On 24 April, the Zonta clubs of Stockholm and Lidingo, Sweden, arranged a big event in Hartwickska huset, an 18th-century historic home, to meet and celebrate Sweden's new Minister for Gender Equality, Paulina Brandberg. Appointed in 2022, Paulina had a long history as a lawyer before getting into politics. She started her career as a prosecutor in 2010 and then became the senior chamber prosecutor at the National Unit Against Organised Crime in Stockholm in 2019.

All 65 club members at the event wanted to hear Paulina's views on many serious questions. It was the first time the clubs had partnered for such a cause. They also enjoyed a speech from Governor Marika Rindborg on the development of Zonta International and the women's movement. Paulina spoke on topics such as:

  • Men's violence against women.
  • Children's rights when there is a violent parent.
  • How should perpetrators of violence be punished, and current cases of it. Veiled women in the communication of agencies and organizations.
  • Digital violence.