Zonta clubs in Puerto Rico celebrates their biennial accomplishments

On 30 April, Dr. Jean Rodriguez, the Area 5 Director from District 11, USA, led the clubs in her area on a virtual cruise to celebrate their accomplishments during the 2020-2022 Biennium. 


The guest list included:

  • Maritza Torres, the vice area director and president of the Zonta Club of Caguas.
  • Zwinda Caceres, club president of the Zonta Club of San Juan.
  • Josué Vera, club president of the Zonta Club of Ponce.
  • All members of the Zonta clubs of Caguas, San Juan and Ponce.


The clubs, who are from Puerto Rico, have made great strides in increasing their presence in the media. The Zonta Club of Caguas hosted programs on projects calling for revising laws dealing with domestic violence. The Zonta Club of San Juan showcased a woman founder for its Breast Cancer awareness campaign. The Zonta Club of Ponce presented a special curriculum on how we can end domestic violence through legislation. Josué also won several international awards for his thought-provoking documentary about ending violence, bullying and discrimination and giving dignity to disabled people.


The clubs are passionate about Zonta and have made a genuine commitment beyond borders for the continuity of all programs and statements. They look forward to what they can achieve in the next biennium.