Zonta Clubs in South American Region Collaborates to Fight Against COVID-19

The Zonta Clubs of South America Region (SAR) decided to donate health kits to different women's organizations to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

 After a zoom meeting between the Clubs of Chile and Uruguay, they decided to form a united front in the fight against this global pandemic.
Club members started checking with the different women organizations to see what they needed and how the club could be of help. Items like gel alcohol, rubber gloves, chinstraps, winter clothes were made ready while we waited for a response from those organizations.

The Zonta Clubs of Vinia del Mar and Santiago, Chile, on the other hand, was donating gel alcohol, and chinstraps to Emma Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to helping pregnant women in need as well as providing boxes of food to families with low incomes.
Vinia del Mar also sent winter clothes to Betania Acoge Foundation, a foundation that helps women in vulnerable situations. 

In Uruguay, Zonta Montevideo gave winter clothing, bedding's, and different fabrics to the Center for the Promotion of Human Dignity (CEPRODHI). The club also donated money to buy disinfectant products for CEPRODHI and to a shelter for the homeless. 

Meanwhile, the Zonta Club of Punta del Este-Maldonado distributed COVID-19 kits including, gel alcohol, rubber gloves, and chinstraps to users at the Zonta Care Center for Women and their children under Domestic Violence.