The Zonta Club of Dhaka I members with Lieutenant Governor Zareen Delawar Hussain of District 25 and other dignitaries.

Zontians from the Zonta Club of Dhaka IV holding a wreath.

Zonta clubs in Bangladesh celebrate International Mother Language Day

On 21 February, Zonta Clubs in Bangladesh gathered to celebrate International Mother Tongue Day to honor their language and culture.

At the event, all clubs donated to the Shaheed Minar, a national monument commemorating those killed for protesting their right to speak their language during the 1952 Bengali Language Movement demonstrations. Many distinguished Zontians provided the food and space rental fee for the event.

Each club president was invited to speak about the importance of communicating in our native tongue and to place a wreath on the platform. Although each Bengali club contributed to the event, the Zonta Club of Dhaka I conducted the main events of the program.

A longtime club member delivered a speech about the history of the Bengali Language Movement, and another club member gave a dance performance. The club also provided the wreath. Through these events, Zontains learned more about the 1952 demonstrations and reveled in promoting awareness of cultural diversity and linguistic and multilingualism.