Zonta Club of Taipei wins Civil Organizations Pilot Silver Award

The New Taipei City Government awarded the Civil Organizations Pilot Silver Award to the Zonta Club of New Taipei on 30 December. More than 1,000 civil organizations in the city were evaluated.

Deputy Mayor Her-Ran Liou presented the award to the club in person to affirm the club's dedication to caring for and supporting disenfranchised groups in the community. In addition to the club's public welfare projects, they also increased the services for newly-arrived immigrants in 2020. The club supported New Taipei Municipal Shuang-Xi High School's new immigrants documentary club plan and set up scholarships for immigrant students from lower-income households. They also continuously donate to organizations that support new immigrants in rural areas, provide tutoring opportunities for the underprivileged and conduct meal delivery plans for the elderly.

In addition to supporting the International Zonta's plan continuously, the club also hopes to take care of more people in need through local services.