Zonta Club of Taichung holds fundraising concert on Rose Day

The Zonta Club of Taichung, Republic of China (Taiwan), organized a fundraising concert to celebrate Rose Day. To incite donations, for a US$100 gift, the contributor could go up on stage and strike the charity gong after every two songs played. The club also set up a District 31 group chat to arrange the gong-striking order and received a great response.

On the day of the concert, the club introduced the celebration of Zonta Rose Day and how its Zonta Fund for Women (ZFW) operates with the charity funds raised. The concert also accepted on-site donations, and those who stroke the gong on stage supported Zonta's goal of building a better world for women and girls.

The club is grateful to the Zontians in District 31 for making the fundraising concert a success, as they raised US$50,000.