Zonta Club of Rome I brings the magic of Amelia Earhart to community

On 25 March, the Zonta Club of Rome 1, Italy, organized a seminar to celebrate Amelia Earhart's legacy at the Urbe Airport, where she landed in 1932.

The club was joined by representatives from multiple institutions such as Dr. Marta Marziali from the Municipal Counsel of Rome 3 Municipality and Dr. Francesca Leoncini, president of Pari Opportunità Commission, the equal opportunities for women in Italy). Marta and Francesca talked about the figure of Amelia and how she still inspires modern women and symbolizes women's empowerment. They also spoke about the importance of raising the number of women in politics at a decisional level to obtain more interventions on behalf of women that lost their jobs after the pandemic or to help working ones take care of children and elderly, not self-sufficient individuals.

Attendees had to pleasure of listening to Sabrina Papa's story. Sabrina has been blind since birth, but she never let her physical ailment hold her back from realizing her dream of flying a plane. She embodied Amelia's spirit when she crossed a private ravine to overcome her limits.

The club also invited Dr. Flavia Causa, a 2019 Amelia Earhart Fellow, to talk about equipping drones with artificial intelligence she is working on and how they can drive themselves without the intervention of a human pilot. Flavia also attended the 67th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW67), which theme is achieving women's and girl's rights in the digital age through innovation, technological change and education.

Afterward, Zelinda Legge, a Zonta Foundation for Women Ambassador, endorsed the Amelia Earhart Fellowship and how the fellowship has empowered women to be decision-makers in the aerospace engineering and space science industry. By donating to the program, the attendees can help future fellows reach for the sky.

The seminar regenerated interest in Amelia's legacy and engaged a debate amongst the children attending. The club believes that the magic of Amelia and her story will always move hearts and minds.