Zonta Club of Pikes Peak Area finds success in ZONTA Women In Careers initiative

In 2019, the Zonta Club of the Pikes Peak Area, USA, introduced a new initiative entitled ZONTA Women In Careers, also known as #ZWIC. Spearheaded by Zontian Lynette Jones, this highly successful and sought-after program is designed to inspire, inform and empower women and teenage girls in the Pikes Peak region and beyond.


#ZWIC is a free workshop available to audiences interested in understanding women in their chosen careers. Delivered either virtually or in-person, the facilitated panel-discussion format: 

  • Introduces participants to a variety of available career options.
  • Provides information about required education, skills, earning potential and demand for jobs in the field.
  • Motivates participants to explore different career possibilities.
  • Offers the opportunity to interact with established professionals/workers in the presented field.
  • Provides support and encouragement for participants' goals.
  • Introduces avenues for working toward self-sufficiency.
  • Helps participants recognize what it takes to be successful in the work arena.


The panels typically consist of a moderator and five club members representing various business industries and career professions. Each panel usually takes one hour: 45-50 minutes of panelists answering questions about their specific industry, sharing insights and then 10 minutes of Q&A with the attendees.


In 2019, #ZWIC received the Zonta 12th District Governor's Award in the Service category. Since its establishment, it has been presented to more than 100 women and teenage girls at the following organizations and institutions of higher learning either in-person or virtually such as:

  • The Karen Pussehl Women's Endowment (KPWE) Scholars Program at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS)
  • Pikes Peak State College
  • Colorado College in Colorado Springs
  • Adelante Mujer, Inc.
  • Partners In Housing


#ZWIC has also received high praises from the above organizations and institutions. The club continues to be invited to present the initiative at new organizations throughout this region. Additionally, they plan to implement a #ZWIC program in their community.


The club welcomes other clubs to take our idea and make it their own.


Clubs are also invited to use the logo/hashtag that they created as long as somewhere on their website or Facebook page they include the following language: Credit: ZONTA Women In Careers (#ZWIC) was originally created in 2019 by Zonta Pikes Peak, District 12 in Colorado, USA.