Zonta Club of Oulu participates in city's equality program

In Finland, it is a law that government officials must promote gender equality and prevent discrimination through careful planning and goal setting. Most large cities have their own non-discrimination and equality programs included in their services.


Recently, the Zonta Club of Oulu has been tasked by the city of Oulu to prepare plans for non-discrimination and equality programs in 2022-2026.. They also will evaluate the programs made in 2019-2021. The mayor of Oulu appointed the full task force, and its members include:

  • City organizers.
  • Various representatives of councils and organizations.
  • Various sectors of the Oulu government.


From 2021-to 2022, the task force met five times. The club members were the only group represented for gender equality and also the only female organization appointed to the task force. Because the City of Oulu was determined to be effective towards equality and non-discrimination, the Zonta members had a positive experience. One of the benefits of being on the task force was the opportunity to participate in further training in this field.


The final proposal from the task force will be submitted for approval of the City Council in May-June of this year.