Zonta Club of New Territories II travels to Macau for a day of service

The Zonta Club of the New Territories II's, Hong Kong, Biennial Goals are to "Repair, Rebuild and Regain" for those deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. They aim to repair their losses and rebuild their lives to help them regain momentum in life.

Once the Hong Kong border opened, the club sent 20 delegates to Macau for a full day of service on 18 March. District Governor Ofelia "Lia" Bautista and Area Director Maria So joined the trip, and the club is thankful and inspired by their service and dedication.

The club visited a local nursery supporting underprivileged children and handed out beautifully custom-designed cups and gifts from Hong Kong. They then visited a senior home and held an enjoyable "dim sum" clay-making session with the seniors. The activity allowed them to train their fine motor movements and trigger memories of their favorite food. The club spent a lot of time planning and arranging the service at the senior home. The day ended with a delicate touch of Portuguese cuisine before the club returned to Hong Kong.

The club looks forward to all kinds of service trips, locally or internationally, to serve and build a better world for women and girls. They would also like to express their heartfelt appreciation to their fellow Zontians and the local Lions Club for aligning service centers and for their gift sponsors and donors.