Zonta Club of Miaoli throws roaring 1920s party for women empowerment

The Zonta Club of Miaoli, Republic of China (Taiwan), hosted a roaring 1920's gala to celebrate the New Year and pay homage to the emergence of women empowerment during the era. 

During the 1920s, women gained the right to vote and stand in elections for the first time in many countries. Taiwanese women also began to dress freely, work, receive education and build personal connections in society. 
While decked in their finest 1920's apparel, the club made an informative and engaging presentation; participants gained cultural and historical perspectives on the women's rights movement during the period in Asia and the West. 

The night's ambiance was created with installation art, music, jazz dancing and beautiful costumes. The club celebrated and welcomed the New Year with the 1920s: Beautiful and Changing Era theme to illustrate Zonta International's message for a better future for every woman.