Zonta Club of Makati Central Business holds milk drive

The Zonta Club of Makari Central Business, Philippines, held Gatas mo Inay Handog at Buhay, its first every milk drive to raise awareness on the importance of breastfeeding. It emphasized that breast milk is the safest and healthiest food for babies. Many studies around the world have proven the superior value of breast milk in nourishing and treating conditions related to prematurity and other neonatal illnesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends donated breast milk as the first alternative for babies if the mother cannot provide her milk.


The milk drive was a collaborative event with the Pasay City Health Office and the Philippine General Hospital Human Milk Bank. More than 100 lactating mothers donated 5 liters of breast milk, which will undergo pasteurization at the milk bank to give it a shelf life of one year. Then the milk can be given to babies in the evacuation centers during disasters and emergencies.


In gratitude to the donating mothers, the club provided packed food and bottled water. They would also like to convey their appreciation to everyone who has extended a helping hand to the milk drive and especially to Zontian Lourdes Wallace, the area director of Area 5 in District 17, who also greatly contributed to the event's success.