Zonta Club of Krefeld am Rhein celebrates club chartering with service and advocacy

The Zonta Club of Krefeld am Rhein, Germany, is proud to be the second club in their hometown. Although it took two difficult years during the pandemic time to gather 15 women to charter the club, the group had a wonderful time forming it. At long last, they have successfully formed a group of 20 amazing and committed women. However, there was no time to celebrate its chartering, and the club created the idea: "Donate First, Celebrate Later." Through this idea, they gathered € 15.000 for its "A New Home for Homeless Women" project.

The club donated the money to a diaconic institute in Krefeld, NRW, German, to furnish an apartment that will house three to four unhoused women. Social workers will also help the unhoused women reintegrate into society. As a present to its donors, the club arranged an entertaining program through Zoom.

The club's mission on this theme is to make the problem of unhoused women visible and achieve compassion. The visibility of unhoused women has been hidden for longer compared to unhoused men. To make ends meet and accommodate friends, some unhoused women prostitute themselves, so they don't have to live on the streets, which presents more danger.

It has been great for the club to see that their support for the shared apartment has been a success for three unhoused women. They hope it will help more unhoused women in the future.

They accommodate friends, even they prostitute themselves, at least they live on the street with enormous danger. It has been great to see, that our support for the shared apartment has been successful for 3 women and it will be successful for more women in the future. Simultaneously we show activities for the ZONTA says No - project every year!