Zonta Club of Kowloon combats fifth wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong

From January to April, the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted Hong Kong. This especially affected elderly homes due to a high percentage of hospital admissions and positive COVID-19 cases.

Aware of this issue, the Zonta Club of Kowloon contacted their partnering organizations to take action with them. Because of the shortage of rapid antigen test kits, they donated kits to the elderly homes that suffered the most. 

The club also responded to the suspension of schools by initiating the second phase of their Music Connect project. Digital education packages were distributed to schoolchildren to help them continue their education from home. The kit also provides music as pressure relief and soothing tool. A hotline was also set up to help answer any student's inquiries.

When schools finally reopened, the club donated care packages filled with surgical masks and hand towels for students from underprivileged families.