Zonta Club of Kaohsiung Yuhsiuan hosts 'Zonta Gives Love to Taiwanese New Immigrants' event

On 9 January, the Zonta Club of Kaohsiung Yuhsiuan and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economic jointly held the “Zonta Gives Love To Taiwanese New Immigrants” event in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

District 31 Governor Vivienne Shen and Sophia Tsai, the Zonta Club of Kaohsiung Yuhsiuan president, co-hosted the event and invited the Kaohsiung City Government Social Affairs and Tourism bureaus superiors to participate and give their support. Members from Taiwan’s Zonta clubs and the new immigrant residents of Kaohsiung happily gathered together. 

During the event, three new residentsformer legislator Lin Li-Chan, Pingtong University lecturer Nguyen Thi-Zhen and Ms. Zuo Yu-Fang—shared their life experience and the journey of starting their businesses in Taiwan, which was both touching and admiring.

Through this activity, Zontians of District 31 were made more aware of the life of new immigrants in Taiwan and the education process of their children. The Zonta Club of Kaohsiung Yuhsiuan hopes to make a small effort and care to enhance the self-confidence of the new immigrants and make Taiwan more harmonious through the integration of foreign and diverse cultures.

In addition to offering care and assistance to the new immigrants, after the event, all Zontians wore orange T-shirts marched and shouted out “Zonta says NO to violence against women,” taking action to increase the society’s attention for gender-based equality.