Zonta Club of Greater Rizal I nurtures Adopt-A-Future scholars

In 2017, the Zonta Club of Greater Rizal I, Philippines, launched the Adopt-A-Future Scholarship program to help financially-challenged students from Felix P. Francisco Memorial National School continue their education.

The concept of the scholarship program was to help these students envision a better future for themselves. By allowing them to continue their education and obtain a university degree, they have a better chance of a financially stable career and breaking the cycle of poverty for their families. Since then, the program has evolved into an enduring and committed relationship between the club, the students and their families.

However, unlike their other scholarships, the Adopt-A-Future Scholarship program goes beyond a one-time grant. The club provides regular personal development courses and other learning seminars to students and they are also given a yearly subsidy of 10,000 Philippine pesos.

On 3 August, the club renewed its Memorandum of Agreement with the school, the ten scholars and their families. The renewal now pledges cash incentives:

  • Students with grade point averages of 94 to 96 will receive 3,000 pesos.
  • Students with grade point averages of 90 to 93 will receive 2,000 pesos.
  • Students with grade point averages of 82 and 85 will receive 1,000 pesos.
At the end of the signing, all ten students and their families were gifted snacks, groceries and 5 kilos of rice to take home.