Zonta Club of Fredericksburg Mentor and Support Women in Africa

After being inspired by the work Zonta does in Africa by teaching, guiding, and empowering women in many areas where they are abused, down-trodden, and displaced, the Zonta Club of Fredericksburg explored ways to help young ladies who we could mentor and support in the countries of Africa. 

We partnered with an education center to find just the right person. We were introduced to a wonderful Zimbabwean woman who had a family of girls who had felt the need to escape their current situation. Ms. Netsai's daughters were so excited to be tested and ultimately be accepted to a private school where they could flourish and be miles from their unhappy environment. We at ZCF were just as happy and proud to be able to help make that monetary commitment they needed to happen.

In the years since we have kept in touch and continued to support them with tuition to Harare School and have monitored their continued success after graduation of high school to carry on an accomplished education at Cottey College here in the United States.

Hope, the youngest of the brood, has graduated as the head prefect of her school with many honors. She is headed to Cottey College in the fall. Her sister Tina will be a senior bio-medical major at Cottey this coming year. Another sister, Tatenda will be in the second year of grad school at NYU majoring in artificial intelligence and applied math.

Their mom says that Hope is the smartest of the three girls if you can possibly imagine! Annamerci Mqedi, another young lady and friend of the Netsai's for whom Zonta Club of Fredericksburg has assisted with tuition to Harare School, is studying hard and fast to finish her 1st year at the high school amidst this COVID-19 situation.

All schools in Zimbabwe closed on the 24th of March. We don't know when the government will announce that they should open provided it will be safe to do so. Our investment in these fabulous young women has paid off beautifully! Our goal is to continue our mentoring, support, and friendship with this family and others in the future of Harare School in Zimbabwe.

In the attached photo see the girls and their mother who visited the members of the Zonta Club of Fredericksburg this past year. We had wonderful conversation and camaraderie at a local restaurant. We were elated to meet all of these lovely ladies.