Zonta Club of Bangkok XI donates medical supplies to local hospital for mothers and babies during COVID-19 pandemic

The number of COVID-19 patients has recently been increasing in Thailand. The annual government statement of expenditure allocated to the distantly small-sized hospitals sometimes is not sufficient and not in time for their needs.

Lomsak Hospital of Petchaboon Province is one of the distantly small-sized hospitals which currently serves and supports the patients of ethnic groups who live in faraway places. The budget from the government sector might not be sufficient, and the trouble of the Regulation of the Office of the Prime Minister on Procurement might cause a delay in procuring medical appliances in time.

The Zonta Club of Bangkok XI, led by President Z.Tanaporn Fakkiao, donated and collected money to purchase two oxygen concentrators, three infusion pumps and 10 newborn baby sets to provide Lomsak Hospital for use in sterile rooms for mothers and children at the time of continuously widespread of COVID-19 to acquire medical assistance rapidly and safely.

The equipment was donated on 3 December. In addition to providing medical appliances to help mothers and children, this initiative enhanced reducing the rate of death of the patients and assisted the government sector with the procurement of the necessary medical appliances apart from the government’s budget.