Zonta Club of Alzenau hosts Freedom is Female reading

The Zonta Club of Alzenau, Germany, invited Golineh Atai, an award-winning television journalist and author, to do a reading of her book, Iran – Freedom is Female, in the city's Kulturforum. The reading was co-organized with Christl Hubler, the city library director.

Golineh was born in Iran to Persian parents, and in her book, she delivers insights into Iranian society and women's lives since the Islamic Revolution. During her reading, Golineh captivated the audience with hard facts and deeply touching insights into the lives of Iranian women as an insider. Following the thought-provoking and inspiring reading, a lively discussion took place. Katja Kamphans, president of the German Union, stated that Zonta stands with the women of Iran because a threat to the rights of women anywhere is a threat to the rights of women everywhere.

With more than 180 tickets sold, the club's reading generated interest amongst those in their community and nearby Zontians, including Area 3 Director Elisabeth Jentschke and Mayor Stephen Noll. After about two hours of reading, Golineh signed books for all guests.