Zonta Club of Alytus helps local women prepare for winter

The Zonta Club of Alytus, Lithuania, recently helped local women and their children prepare for winter.


Refugee from Ukraine

Many Ukrainian refugees had to flee their homes and, frequently, did not have time to pack everything. A Ukrainian woman, whom the club had aided before, was able to find shelter in the club's town but did not have winter items. The club immediately gathered clothes and shoes for her and her three children. They hope that with the new clothes, they will be warm and comfortable when winter comes.


Local mother and her daughter

The club helped a local mother and daughter move into a heated house. They provided a bio-toilet, gas, groceries, furniture and other necessities to create a minimal household. The generosity of the club touched the family.


The club believes that happiness is when you help someone to open the gates of a new life and you are there.