Zonta Club of Alytus continues First Lady Alma's work

In loving memory of Alma Adamkienė, a former First Lady of Lithuania, the Zonta Club of Alytus continues Alma's philanthropic idea of supporting Lithuania children through education, health and welfare. Recently, the club partnered with RVR Studio, a clothing rental company, to provide graduation gowns for three students graduating this spring from secondary school. The gowns will help them commemorate their last day at school with beauty.

More about Alma
On 21 May, Alma passed away at the age of 97. Born in Šiauliai, she fled to Sweden with her family in 1944 as the second Soviet occupation approached. In Sweden, the Nazi occupiers detained her family there, and the women were sent to prison and later to a labor camp in Germany.

After the war, Alma enrolled in the Lithuanian Gymnasium in Eichstätt, where she met her future husband. They married in 1951 in Chicago, USA.

From 1962 onwards, Alma became head of Tabor Farm for 25 years, which became an important center of Lithuanian identity in the USA. For many years, it was the venue for the congresses of the Lithuanian diaspora organization, Santara-Šviesa.

In 1997 and 2004, when her husband decided to run for the presidency, Alma Adamkienė actively joined the team of V.Adamkus. After winning the elections, she faithfully assisted him in his duties as Head of State. With her humanity and sincerity, Alma earned the sympathy and love of the entire nation during her tenure as First Lady.

For 15 years, Alma headed the Alma Adamkiene Charity and Support Foundation, providing millions of dollars to support several Lithuanian rural schools, children's hospitals and orphanages.

At her funeral, Alma's last wish was not to bring flowers but to donate money to philanthropic causes in the spirit of her life and work.