Zonta Club of Accra Jubilee initiates reading project

As a part of its mentorship program for young girls in the Chorkor neighborhood, the Zonta Club of Accra Jubilee, Ghana, launched a book reading project at the Chorkor Presby Primary School. The club recognizes the importance of reading for young girls to reach their full potential and positively contribute to the society in which they live. They organized a book drive launched on social media. Within three weeks, the public donated books, including storybooks, dictionaries, and workbooks on subjects such as English, Science, French, and Mathematics. The program was launched on 29 July to commemorate Amelia Earhart Day.


Interaction with the School Children

The program benefited 85 schoolchildren aged 6 to 17 years old. Two-thirds of this group were female. The club first interacted with the schoolchildren, explaining their various occupations and what it took to follow such vocations regarding education, attitude, and moral principles. The students were also encouraged to stay in school, taught awareness of teenage pregnancy and refrained from other activities that could distract from their development and cause them to drop out of school. During this engagement, the girls were excited and offered interesting discussion comments. Most of the students knew what they wanted to be in the future and asked questions about how to get there. The club also told the students about Amelia Earhart and what she represents. They were encouraged to emulate her bravery and perseverance and to remain focused at all times. 


Donation of Books

The club received 196 books, which they then donated to the school. These were delivered to the headmistress by two instructors, and they agreed to put the books to good use because they are essential materials for the school's reading club. The schoolchildren participating in the program were given snacks at the end.


The book reading program was a notable success. The club will also put evaluation and monitoring measures in place to periodically visit the school, interact with the children and ensure continuing impact and advancement.