Zonta Club of Colombo II spreads awareness of breast cancer and provides comfort cushions

The Zonta Club of Colombo II, Sri Lanka, launched its Breast Cancer Comfort Cushion Project initiative to help breast cancer patients recover in comfort post-surgery.

By partnering with the Sri Lanka Society of Breast Surgeons, the club distributed breast cancer comfort cushions to several hospitals nationwide. This project aims to equip patients with a versatile comfort cushion to provide support, comfort and confidence. Simultaneously, this initiative is also helping another group of low-income women earn a living by making cushions.

Many of the beneficiaries gave positive feedback, with some claiming that using the breast cancer comfort cushion was a turning point for them. It made the process of recovery more comfortable and manageable. Moreover, to encourage utilizing the product, the club also organized meetings and introductory sessions in various government and private medical institutions where the medical staff and patients learned how to use them.

The club has successfully distributed the breast cancer comfort cushion to 32 hospitals across the nation.

Alongside this initiative, the club actively advocates breast cancer awareness. It organizes several breast cancer early detection and awareness programs at both public and private institutions. These awareness programs are essential because it helps to spread the message that early detection is crucial to surviving and recovering from breast cancer.

These programs also play another vital role: they are a means to encourage women who may otherwise shy away from or hesitate to seek help. Such women can directly contact for assistance through the resources provided in the breast cancer awareness campaigns. Resources, medical expertise, or information these programs offer can help women make early detection choices.