Zonta Club of Colombo III holds beach cleanup on World Ocean Day

In commemorating World Ocean Day, the Zonta Club of Colombo III, Sri Lanka, organized a beach cleanup and collection of plastic pellets, microplastics and other pollutants for recycling from Dehiwala Beach, one of the country's most polluted beaches. The beach cleanup was a collaborative effort with Parley Sri Lanka, the country's equivalent of the international environmental organization.

With the participation of many volunteers from cooperates, more than 1000kg of plastic pellets and pollutants were collected and sent for recycling. Parley Sri Lanka said the cleanup was one of the most productive cleanups with a significant impact. The organization is critical in saving the oceans of the world.

Along with spearheading the beach cleanup, the club educated the volunteers on the importance of reducing single-use plastics and of the appropriate disposal of plastics. They also explained the effects of climate change in the form of natural disasters resulting from environmental pollution affecting the well-being and safety of primarily women and children.

The club intends to continue with several beach clean programs on the western coast with the cooperation of Parley Sri Lanka to eradicate the long persistent effects of plastic waste on the beaches and shores caused due to a ship disaster that took place in Sri Lankan waters.