Zonta Club of Tuguegarao pays tribute to educators with yellow roses

The Zonta Club of Tuguegarao, Philippines, celebrated Rose Day and International Women’s Day by partnering with Teacher Anna’s The Apple Tree School Saplings, honoring the unsung heroes of education: teachers. It also serves as a reminder to honor those who work tirelessly to better society.

With TATATS Saplings, the club expressed gratitude to the school’s teachers for their unwavering commitment and dedication.

Led by Zontian Maria Anna Adtani, who is a school director, the initiative aimed to recognize the invaluable contributions of teachers in shaping the lives of their students. Through their selfless sacrifices, these educators instill values, inspire minds, and nurture future leaders.

Under the guidance of Club President Olive and Maria, the TATATS Saplings were taught to respect and honor women. Aligned with the spirit of Rose Day, the club handed out the symbolic yellow rose, representing friendship, joy, and care.