Zonta Club of Jamestown, ND shines spotlight on women’s leadership

In February, the Zonta Club of Jamestown, ND, USA hosted an inspiring "Women in Leadership" panel at the local arts center. The goal was to encourage women to step boldly into the realm of public office without hesitation. The event featured three local club members who have either served or run for office in various capacities, alongside a current female candidate for the U.S. Senate.

This event sparked a movement that reached far beyond the club. In mid-April, "women in leadership" programs were held on District 7 Area meetings in Minnesota and Kansas. The momentum continued with an online Zoom panel sponsored by the Zonta USA Caucus at the end of April.

What made these gatherings truly special was the presence of Pam Phillips, a Zontian for 25 years. Pam's story is one of perseverance and dedication. A five-time candidate for the Jamestown City Council, with three successful runs, Pam serves on nine boards of directors and is set to become the club president for 2024-2026 Biennium for the third time. Her motto, "Just do it", encapsulates the essence of leadership and serves as an inspiration to all.