Zonta Club of Hualien II charters with 48 members

In a lively, carnival-like ceremony, the Zonta Club of Hualien II, Taiwan, officially chartered on 6 June with 48 members. It marks the club's place as the 30th in District 31 and the 28th in Taiwan.

Zontians from various clubs across Taiwan attended the event, including Governor Li-Chin Lin from the Zonta Club of Hualien, which proudly sponsored the new club.

Charter President Daisy Chen shared her vision at the chapel within the Mustard Seed vocational training compound. She highlighted her focus on fundraising for the Shining Stars scholarship program, personally donating the funds for the initial period. The program aims to empower young girls to pursue their dreams, with President Chen volunteering as the club's equivalent of a foundation ambassador to ensure its longevity.

The club's members come from diverse professions, including food, trade, engineering, machinery, insurance, construction, real estate, fashion design and even golf.

The event was colored with music by college students and yellow paper flowers crafted by Hualien II Zontians. The festivities concluded with a buffet prepared by the new club's members.