Zonta Club of Kalmar creates calendars inspired by International Women's Day

In August 2020, the Zonta Club of Kalmar, Sweden, decided to partner with a local Soroptimist Club and women's shelter. With a shared mission of supporting women and girls, the club wanted to collaborate on a special project.

The following month, the three organizations decided to create a photo calendar. The goal behind the calendar was to target young people. They decided to feature local athletes, since the youth in their community often view athletes as role models. Photos were taken of the athletes in their respective athletic environment, while making a personal outspoken stand against gender-based violence and injustices. The organizations decided the calendar would start on 8 March, in recognition of International Women’s Day.

Once the idea was finalized, things quickly fell into place. A photographer offered to take the calendar photos for free, a printing company gave a huge discount on the order, an envelope company gifted 500 envelopes at no charge, the county administration paid for the whole cost for the printing of the calendar and a local insurance company contributed financial support. 

Thanks to the generous contributions from the Kalmar community, the Zonta club and partners started advertising on social media to sell the calendars. With over 650 calendars sold, the project was a huge success in raising funds for women and girls both locally and internationally.