Zonta Club of Cebu II and Z Club of Childlink High School produce anti-cyberbullying video

The wide-range use of information technology and social media provides bullies a whole new platform for their actions. Both real-world and online name-calling can have devastating emotional consequences that range from social withdrawal, self-isolation, anxiety stress, low self-esteem, depression and thoughts of self-destruction.

Because of the devastating effects of cyberbullying on young people, the Zonta Z Club of Childlink High School and the Zonta Club of Cebu II, Philippines, embarked on an advocacy project against cyberbullying. In 2020, all 40 members of the club decided to make a video to illustrate in very clear terms the devastating effects of cyberbullying. The video was their commitment to raise awareness and educate fellow teenagers on the responsible use of information and communications technology.

The video illustrates the many and oftentimes subtle ways that the aggressor reaches their victims, including direct text messaging, anonymous phone calls, instant messaging and sharing on networking websites. The video plot goes on to demonstrate the pain, suffering, dashed dreams, loss of ambition, feelings of never being good enough, self-doubt and hopelessness that a victim experiences. The video was uploaded onto Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

The high school students of the Zonta Z Club of Childlink hope that this advocacy video sends the very clear message that cyberbullying damages motivation, destroys dreams and negatively impacts the future of young people.

Watch the video here.