Zonta Club of Taichung Organizes Walk Against Child Marriage

The Zonta Club of Taichung launched an event titled “You Advocate, I Donate” in January 2020 to support the Zonta Says NO to violence Against Women campaign and to end child marriage.

When Initiating the “You Advocate, I Donate” event, the club held a parade and donated to the Zonta International Foundation (ZIF). A donation of US$100 was given for each participant in the advocacy parade. 

The event received strong support from Z Club of Taichung Hong Wen, which raised US$5,200 to support the parade.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the parade originally planned in February was canceled. The US$5,200 was donated to ZIF on 3 March. The parade was later held on 30 May, after public gatherings and events resumed in Taiwan.