Zonta Club of Fredericksburg honors Gazelle Schreiner as District 10's YWPA Awardee

The Zonta Club of Fredericksburg, USA, is pleased to announce that its Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Awardee, Gazelle Schreiner, has been named District 10's YWPA Awardee as well.


Gazelle is a first-year student at the University of Texas & M, pursuing a degree in international relations with a minor in economics. She hopes to, one day, work globally to improve underdeveloped countries' education systems. Last year, when she applied for the club's YWPA Award, Gazelle had been active in her school's student council and Spanish Honor Society Club and worked closely with the Rotary Club in Kerrville. With the Rotary club, she volunteered in projects such as the Rise for Hunger, which provided packed dried foods for those living in other countries.


Gazelle's extracurricular activities also included:

  •  She participated in an after-school mentoring program for younger students.
  • She served as an appointed member of the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, where she spent time with at-risk elementary school students.
  • She developed a program soliciting student volunteers to connect by phone to the elderly members in her church who needs socialization.

With all her activities and volunteering, she still found time to actively make a stand to change the perceptions of self-image awareness on social media. The club believes that we can all agree that Gazelle is a well-rounded young woman who went above and beyond for her community.