Z Club Saint Sofia Next Generation celebrates Amelia Earhart Day and science entrepreneurship

The Z Club Saint Sofia Next Generation, Bulgaria, collaborated with the physics faculty at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski," the country's oldest and premier university, to pay tribute to Amelia Earhart's courage, spirit and ambition by holding a lecture on science entrepreneurship.

Amelia was a pioneering aviator, beloved Zontian and the first woman to attempt a circumnavigation of the globe by air.

The lecture featured Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov, the university's deputy dean of the physics faculty and a science communicator. In attendance were not only Z Club members but also numerous physics enthusiasts and students from seven local schools:

  • The Professional School of Design "Elisaveta Vazova";
  • 23rd High School "Frederic Joliot Curie";
  • The American College - Sofia;
  • First German Language School;
  • Primary School "Graf Ignatiev";
  • National High School in Finance and Business;
  • And Second English Language School "Thomas Jefferson."

The student club commenced a concise presentation on the life and legacy of Amelia Earhart, the aim of which was to encourage young girls to explore career paths beyond traditional norms. Vladimir continued the discourse, delving into the captivating realms of the universe. The lecture proved highly engaging and enlightening, covering topics such as stars, dark energy, potential scenarios for the universe's future and the European Space Agency's mission to Jupiter, among other groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

A primary objective of the event was to expose high school students to the myriad possibilities science offers, fostering their scientific interests. From Sofia, the student club hopes the world may witness the emergence of the next Amelia Earhart or, at the very least, a recipient of the prestigious Amelia Earhart Fellowship. Such events are crucial, not only for students but for society at large, representing forward-thinking, sustainable investments in youth education. Additionally, the event garnered support from the Zonta Club of Saint Sofia, a mentor club affiliated with Area 05, District 30.