ZAU Science Club Operating in the Middle of the Wilderness

ZAU Science Clubs for young girls are the result of the national campaign of Zonta District 20 in Finland and Estonia to honor the 100th anniversary of Zonta International. The campaign was arranged in collaboration with LUMA Centre Finland with its network of science and technology universities. 

The abbreviation ZAU comes from the Finnish-language words meaning ‘Zonta gives courage’: the courage to make bold choices, the courage to be a competent and committed girl. 

District 20 and LUMA Centre Finland commissioned a presentation video by Mikko Tirkkonen of MAT Future Vision on the ZAU Science Club in a small local school, initiated by the Zonta Club of Lieksa and their area director. 

The video is made both in Finnish and English, so it can be used locally and internationally. The goal is to spread the message from both the Zonta organization and the ZAU Science clubs as widely as possible. Watch the video alone or together with friends or family, and be sure to share the link.