Z club Members Play an Active Role in the District 31 Conference

The District 31 Conference this year was hosted in Kaohsiung and Kaohsiung American School’s Z Club was invited to assist.

Z Club President Maggie Shien said members gained a lot of experience and knowledge through the event. 

Students served as reception in the morning to welcome Zontians from all over Taiwan, and in doing this, Shien said, they deeply felt the power of Zonta and the strong spirit of the community. 

She also said the parallel conferences that were conducted with other young Zonta members were exceptionally memorable. The theme of the Z club workshop was the role of women in sustainable city planning. Shien said being able to discuss with students from different backgrounds was very intriguing. Everyone provided different insights, which she said opened their minds to various possibilities in the ways in which women can benefit society. Through this workshop, Shien said she was able to develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to create a sustainable community and how people, especially women, can be a part of this.

The students talked about city farming, natural disaster preparation, recycling resources, and Eco traffic solutions. 

"Each and every topic taught us more about how we could lead our community into sustainability and specifically how women can serve this mission," said Vicky Huang, a member of the Z club. 

Huang said they were very honored to be invited to help during the conference. She said she also realized the power and importance of teamwork through the conference.