Zonta Club of Vienna I empowers women through cinema and scholarship

On 5 March, the Zonta Club of Vienna I, Austria, organized a charity cinema event featuring the film "Hidden Figures" to spotlight Rose Day and support local and international scholarships for women and girls in technical professions.

The film, which tells the story of three African American female mathematicians who made significant contributions to the U.S. space program in the 1960s amidst gender and racial discrimination, underscores Zonta's dedication to advancing opportunities for women and girls.

"In the era of Zonta's founding over a century ago, women's access to education, careers, and independence was a hard-won battle," a Zonta representative stated. "Sadly, discrimination persists, as depicted in the film's portrayal of gender and racial bias in science. Zonta remains committed to creating a world where women can thrive, free from fear and discrimination, and where they have equal participation in decision-making."

The event drew attention to the ongoing need for progress in gender equality and empowerment, reinforcing the club’s mission to ensure women can realize their full potential and participate on equal terms in society.