Zonta e-Club of Roma Parioli creates is inclusive Zonta jewelry

The Zonta e-Club of Roma Parioli, Italy, participated in the An Inclusive Jewel for the Development of the Integration of Migrants project, which was financed by the Asylum Fund, Migration and Integration and promoted by the Department of Social Policies and Health of Roma Capitale. The club contributed to the project by funding the development of prototype Ethnical Jewelry pieces that represent Zonta.

This project aims to promote handcrafted jewelry while also acting as an incubator for talented individuals. Its primary goal is to create inclusive spaces by welcoming, rehabilitating and assisting migrants in integrating into both work and life contexts. The project also seeks to spread awareness on the culture of ethical jewelry and accessories for a perfect marriage of art and sustainability. By doing so, it hopes to combat all forms of violence, discrimination and racism.