Zonta e-Club of Matera provides English lessons for local women

The Zonta e-Club of Matera, Italy, joined forces with the Pangea Foundation in Rome to support their shared goals and spread the message of Zonta through the Reama Reloaded Project. The project aims to empower local women by providing them with resources to achieve their educational and career goals, which is particularly beneficial for women with limited resources, those seeking new employment opportunities and those involved in the tourism industry so they can experience greater job satisfaction.

In Matera, a former farmhouse serves as a place for women to come together and connect. The club offers a safe and collaborative space where women can gather and work towards positive change in their community. As part of their mission to promote educational equality, English lessons are provided by Zontian Paola Scalcione, a local high school teacher. Paola's instruction goes beyond language skills and includes knowledge relevant to the needs of local women. Through this work, the club hopes to build a better world for women and girls. Paola has received high praise for her dedication and contributions to the club's mission.