Lieutenant Governor Zareen D. Hussain at the Zonta Club of Greater Dhaka's first general meeting after Convention.

Lieutenant Governor Zareen (right) with Zonta International President Ute Scholtz (left).

Lieutenant Governor Zareen signing the letters to the club presidents in Bangladesh.
Lieutenant Governor Zareen shares takeaway from the 65th Zonta International Convention

Inspired by her experience at the 65th Zonta International Convention in Hamburg, Lieutenant Governor Zareen D. Hussain was eager to share what she had learned with her club, the Zonta Club of Greater Dhaka and other clubs in Bangladesh.


Zonta Club of Greater Dhaka

At the club's first general meeting after the Convention, Zareen introduced the 2022-2024 Biennium theme: "Building a Better World for Women and Girls" and discussed the importance of: 

  • Boosting Zonta's presence.
  • Creating new clubs and recruiting new members while also retaining numbers.
  • Spotlighting important advocacy topics such as cyber violence against women and girls, women in leadership and the call of the hour, climate change and gender inequality.

She also highlighted International President Ute Scholtz's message at Convention about advocacy facts, what to remember for the next Biennium and how to increase Zonta's visibility.


Through a colorful Powerpoint presentation, Zareen encouraged her club to hold the Zonta spirit in their heart and soul. She also plans to sit with every club in Bangladesh to spread the message from Convention.


Zonta clubs in Bangladesh

As one of her first acts as lieutenant governor, Zareen recognized every club president in Bangladesh by sending them a Zonta visiting and business card as a festival gift on 6 July.


The idea behind the gift was to:

  1. Represent Zonta as a brand and build a personal brand for the club presidents.
  2. Increase its network outside of Zonta.
  3. Create an affordable way to promote Zonta's visibility.
  4. Harmonize the visiting and business cards according to Zonta's PR guidelines.


Zareen also wrote a letter to accompany the cards, summarizing the messages from Past International President Sharon Langebeck's and Ute's speeches at Convention.


The club presidents enthusiastically accepted the items and were touched by Zareen's thoughtfulness as they felt seen.