Lieutenant Governor Zareen D. Hussain leads District 25 to plant one plant a day

Dr. Zareen D. Hussain, the lieutenant governor of District 25, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, was invited by Sri Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan, the honorable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, for his Climate Change Program "One Plant a Day." Other notable Zontians such as Dr. Priti Tagde,  the club president of the Zonta Club of Bhopal, former Governor Erik Elavia and Area Director Firoza Sema joined Zareen.

During the event, Zareen spoke to the chief minister about Zonta and its mission on climate change. They also planted three trees together, named Gulmohor, Neem and Peepal. She then gifted him a sketch of his portrait with plants and a quote, "You inspire, we follow forward to save the planet," in the background.

Inspired by her experience, Zareen is committed to adopting and spreading the slogan "One Plant a Day" in Bangladesh. After hearing that, the chief minister felt touched and immediately posted his appreciation to Zareen on social media to his 8.7 million followers. He wished Zareen success in implementing Zonta's mission and vision for climate change. This was also the first time any high-profile state head had tweeted about Zonta in District 25.

The entire event was not only covered by all the newspapers and media but was also captured on YouTube and social media.