Zonta Club of Kankakee serves unhoused community promotes Zonta's visibility

The Zonta Club of Kankakee, USA, built a better world for women and girls in their community by providing food for the local unhoused community and donating a Christmas tree at the county museum.

Serving the unhouse community
The club monthly provides food for their local unhoused community. Several members contribute a home-cooked meal, including dessert. This month, two members and a spouse were able to serve food at a local church.

The club's continuous activity is impactful because no one should go without food. They believe that food is a basic human right.

Zonta Christmas tree
The club decorated a Christmas tree with local agencies and businesses at the county museum for its 75th anniversary.

This year, they turned back the clock to 1948 by showcasing a Christmas tree replicating when the museum first opened. Hundreds of guests will have the opportunity to see the exhibit in the tree gallery, which is a great way for the club to promote Zonta's name and be more visible in the community. It's a beautiful display that's bound to catch the attention of visitors.