Julienne Morisseau (above) speaking at the United States Embassy in Paris, France.

Julienne, a membership regional representative of Southern Europe and Africa (right) and Ms. Irantus (left), a Michelin-starred Creole gourmet chef and founder of Saveurs Créoles 509.

Juliane (left) with Carole Da Silva Organizer (center), founder of Femmes et Pouvoir.   

The participants and speakers of the event around the organizer Carole Da Silva, founder of Femmes et Pouvoir.

Zontian Julienne Morisseau speaks at United States Embassy in Paris, France

On 27 September, Zontian Julienne Morisseau from the Zonta Club of Paris Port Royal Concorde, France, was invited to speak at a conference workshop, organized by Femmeetpouvoir.net, at the United States Embassy in Paris. She conveyed the invisibility of women from diverse backgrounds within places of power, such as businesses, political functions, media and more, by comparing the French and American points of view on the subject. Femme et Pouvoir, "Women and Power," organized the workshop.

After the intervention of an embassy representative, two panels followed with women with very diverse functions and backgrounds, such as public service and private sectors. The panels were:

  1. The secret of those who succeeded.
  2. How can we facilitate the access of women from cultural diversity to places of power?

Julienne also presented Zonta International and the Zonta Foundation for Women to explain how Zonta scholarships and network contributed to women in general and how those from diverse backgrounds could access these decision-making positions. The key points that emerged were:

  • The importance of education and transmission.
  • Sorority.
  • Networks.
  • Audacity: DARE! Again and again, open and push doors!

Madame George Pau-Langevin, the former minister and deputy to the Defender of the Rights in charge of opposing discrimination and promoting equality, also spoke on the subject.