Governor Vivienne Shen leads beach cleanup

On 8-10 April, Governor Vivienne Shen of District 31, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Mongolia, led Zontians and students from Golden Z clubs to carry out a beach cleaning project at Penghu, an outlying island in Taiwan.

The cleanup project was not only a climate action but also served to increase awareness of Zonta International. Zonta members and students worked together to protect their environment.

Each year, the northeast monsoon drifts all kinds of marine waste to the shores of Penghu beach. The originally pristine and white beach sand is littered with plastic bottles, Styrofoam, driftwood, fishing nets and all kinds of garbage from all around the world. The monsoon will blow more trash onto the beach even after picking it up. 

Realizing that this pollution would impact the marine ecology in their local area, the newly established Zonta Club Penghu and Z Club of Penghu launched a beach cleaning activity. Zontians and student members across the district showed their support and volunteered to join them.

Many of the Golden Z members visited Penghu county for the first time. By participating in the beach cleanup, they realized the importance of environmental protection and why we need to take action now for the future.

After the beach cleanup, Vivienne and the chairs of the Golden Z Club and Service committees gathered the Golden Z members together to educate them about the theme of Zonta and the importance of student clubs. As Zonta International's longest-running programs, the Z and Golden Z programs serve to develop female students' leadership skills, promote career exploration, and encourage members to participate in the community, school and international service projects. 

The Golden Z members expressed their thoughts on the bleach cleanup activities during the gathering. They agreed that it is the responsibility of everyone to take care of the planet, and it should be done on a daily basis. In addition, each Golden Z club shared their service projects in their communities, such as rural education for elementary school students, youth services, making menstrual products and Zonta Says NO actions.

At the end of it all, everyone felt they had learned a lot. The students appreciated the enthusiasm of the Zonta members and their contribution to Zonta International, making them proud to be a part of Zonta and its Golden Z clubs. They also want to encourage other student members to continue to build a better world for women and girls and to implement the motto of the local Z and Golden Z Clubs: Cultivate Future Leaders and Build a Better Future Through Service and Advocacy.