District 15 provides an overview of ERA on International Women's Day

District 15, Canada and USA, and GL-UNA hosted a joint event for a special International Women's Day program: "An Overview of the Equal Rights Amendment." This virtual event featured Rebecca Goldman, the justice reform legislative and policy specialist at the League of Women Voters of the United States.

The district explored the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and heard more about its text, prospective impact and current status. It allowed the attendees to understand more about the League's background, recent initiatives and future advocacy for the ERA and learn effective ways to get involved, including reaching out to elected officials and facilitating community dialogue. Although tailored for ERA supporters, the program also addresses common misconceptions and provides bipartisan talking points that may be valuable to anyone wanting to learn more.

It was the district's first call to action, as they asked their communities, friends, and fellow Zontians to sign the ERA petition to have the 28th Amendment included in the U.S. Constitution.

Attendees stated it was" clear, concise, and a call to action" and "one of the best presentations on the ERA."

ERA is a crucial tool to help build a better world for those who encounter discrimination.