Crescent Golden Z Club celebrates chartering with the Zonta Club of Taichung

On 21 February, the Zonta Club of Taichung hosted a charter ceremony for the Crescent Golden Z Club, which consists of a multicultural group of 22 students from seven countries and several local universities.

District 31 Governor Vivienne Shen was invited to grant the students their charter certificate, and Taichung Zonta Club President Ching-Wun Tien presented the club flag to their president of the Crescent Golden Z club. The induction of the new members and installation of the officers were conducted by D31 Z and Golden Z Club Committee Chair Irene Chen.

The students produced a lively video to introduce themselves and thank their adviser, Professor Yin Chi Chou, for organizing and guiding them to become a strong youth team.

After the ceremony was completed, a march for campaigning "Zonta Says NO to Violence against Women" proceeded as planned. All participants carried banners and balloons and walked along a park outside of the venue. The balloons with the Zonta logo were handed out to local children in the park, much to their delight. This march kicked off the first advocacy activity of Golden Z Crescent.

In the future, the Golden Z Club of Crescent are expecting to serve their communities and collaborate with other districts’ student clubs to implement Zonta’s vision and mission. In this way, the Golden Z members will have international exposure and can understand different cultures and ideas by sharing and learning with each other. Together, they will work towards the empowerment of women, making sure women have access to needed resources, and are represented in decision-making positions on an equal basis with men.