Zonta Club of Colombo III promotes plastic literacy by launching environment club at schools

The Zonta Club of Colombo III, Sri Lanka, recently organized a workshop on reducing the use of plastics among schoolchildren. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with experts from Parle Sri Lanka, aiming to educate students on the harmful effects of plastics on the environment, marine life and human beings.

During the workshop, the students were given a practical demonstration of the different types of plastics and how to dispose of them responsibly. The club also explained to the students the impact of climate change caused by environmental pollution from excessive plastic use. The club has initiated an environment club under its patronage to raise awareness.

Parle Sri Lanka donated a bin for collecting hard plastics, which they would also recycle. The newly established environment club collected and sent the plastics for recycling. For the same purpose, the club handed over a bin for collecting soft plastics to the school.

To further the message, the club initiated a student competition, an annual competition organized by the newly established school environment club. They will provide the prices for the winners annually.

The club intends to create a sustainable environment protection program by initiating environment clubs in other schools and continuing this awareness among schoolchildren.